the session

A careful reading of the book of Acts, Titus, 1st Timothy, and 1st Peter shows us that the congregations of earliest Christianity were overseen by elders (Acts 14:23, 20; 17ff; Titus 1:5; 1st Timothy 3:1-7; 1st Peter 5:1-5). Elders are also referred to as "overseers" because they have the responsibility of overseeing the general life of the congregation, and are also referred to as "shepherds of the flock."

A Presbyterian Session consists of Ruling Elders (elected by the congregation, who serve in three-year terms) and the Teaching Elders

(the Pastor and Associate Pastors) of a congregation. The Session is the governing body of the congregation and is responsible for most of the major decisions affecting the direction of the congregation, including the areas of

Christian Education, Missions, Personnel, and the Budget/Finance.

Back row: Daniel Raymond (Clerk of Session), Charles Herold, Don Givler, Tom Bullock

Front row: Associate Pastor Jonathan Wagner, Joe Humble, Guy Barr, Pastor John Mabray

the diaconate

The office of Deacon most likely has its origin in the appointing of the seven godly men (Acts 6), who had the responsibility for the serving of tables in the Jerusalem church. Our deacons likewise providing practical, "hands-on" service in the life of our congregation. Congregational Care (caring for church members in times of particular need); Fellowship & Hospitality events; supporting the Worship services through the Ushering Team and Flower Guild; Building & Grounds Maintenance; Local Missions.

The Diaconate Class of 2019: Stewart Gentry, Bobby Lawrence, Carol Smith,Charles Beene

The Diaconate Class of 2020: Jess Barr, Anne Lockhart, Sarah Raymond, Mike McInnis

The Diaconate Class of 2021: Dan Gibson, Richard Long, Terri Trichel, Pat White