covenant day school

Covenant Day School is a ministry of Covenant Presbyterian Church. The vision of Covenant Day School is to build in each child a strong foundation upon faith in Christ, and to promote curriculum in which actions, words and teaching are passed through the filter of love for Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. We want to prepare our little ones for the next step in their educational program undergirded by faith in

Jesus Christ and the development of Christian character.

For more information on enrolling your little one, please see our registration form.

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The Day School operates Monday through Friday during the school year.


Brandi Blakely, Director

Buffie McSwain, Assistant Director

2023-2024 Registration Form

2022-2023 Calendar

Monthly tuition

2-Day Program (Tuesday & Thursday) 

$275.00 & an annual $130.00 supply fee

3-Day Program (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

$350.00 & an annual $130.00 supply fee

4-Day Program (Monday through Thursday)

$400.00 & an annual $130.00 supply fee

5-Day Program (Monday through Friday)

$475.00 & an annual $130.00 supply fee